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Photo of Quinn, smiling and looking fire.


My signature dry rub has been perfected over more than 11 years of backyard BBQ experimentation.

Since my mom gifted me the book "Peace, Love and BBQ" by Mike Mills and my wife a Char-Griller smoker in 2010, I have been experimenting with my own signature dry rub and developing my own smoking style and twists on old-time recipes.

I started cooking on a budget offset smoker, heavily modifying it to become a consistent cooker that imparted great flavors to my food.


I now cook with a beautiful custom built vault smoker from KAT Smokers in Modesto.

I'm now expanding my business to include a broader audience. I'm generally cooking every other weekend. Sign up for my Cook Alerts so you don't miss my next cook! You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

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